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Instagram Comment Contest

Post Six Instagram comment discount code contest

Good news for all of you who follow Post Six on Instagram!

You have the chance to get 15% off your order of a t-shirt or hoodie when you mention a friend in a comment on a on a Post Six Instagram post! Just make sure you comment within 24 hours after we post and we'll randomly pick a comment to message the custom discount code to. Oh, and both you and your tagged friend can use the discount code!

We only ask that you're respectful in your tagging, no one likes spam. You don't need to follow us on Instagram to be eligible (but it would be nice). However you will need to make sure Post Six can send you a direct message on Instagram so you can receive the discount code. If we can't send you the code, we'll re-draw another winner.

The discount code is limited to only two orders (you and a friend), and it must be used within 30 days or it will expire. This discount applies only to T-Shirts and Hoodies sold in the Post Six Store; only one discount code may be used per order. Post Six Instagram advertisements, sponsored content, promos, and previous winners are not eligible for this contest.