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Luke Hamilton

Luke Hamilton Post Six Artist Collab Feature

Luke Hamilton is a Toronto based designer in the marketing and advertising industry. While he excels in graphic design he is also a very talented illustrator. It was his hand drawn work on his Instagram profile (@lukerwhamilton) that caught our eye, and we knew we had to run a collab with him.

The end result of the first collab with Post Six was the "Ford Thanos" design. Recent events in Toronto and the release of the second last Marvel Avengers movie featuring Thanos created this; Ford Thanos. We'll let the design speak for itself for the deeper meaning here. Overall we're quite happy with the end result and cannot thank Luke enough for his part in the project.

f you would like to see more of Luke's work, visit his website at "Ford Thanos" is available as a t-shirt and as a hoodie on the Post Six store.