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Not in Service

Not in Service & Post Six

If you punch in into your browser you may notice something odd... mainly that it redirects to the Post Six website. A while back one of the founders of Post Six bought the domain with plans to start a blog about TTC service or something, and well nothing ever came of it. 

As it turns out the domain name was used by a TTC parody store and was featured in a number of articles across the internet, so a lot of people we being redirected to a website that had little to do with selling parody goods and that was a bit of a problem. 

Fast forward to 2019, Post Six launches and we decided that the domain name would be better used to direct folks to Post Six where we would have some of the "OG parody" goods for sale (see our Not in Service Collection). While we don't have any plans to expand the "Not in Service" collection we are open to ideas, if you have a TTC or transit themed design consider applying to the Post Six Collab.

Articles about the former Not in Service website