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Post Six Collab

Post Six was started with the goal of helping new and upcoming artists get noticed. To accomplish this, we occasionally collaborate with local artists and creative professionals. This isn't an internship and we're not in the business of paying people with "experience". You can read all about our past collaborations over on the Featured Artists blog. There are a few types of collaborations you can apply for with Post Six, they are as follows:

  • Artist/Designer: Work with Post Six to create artwork to be featured on Post Six products.
  • Photographer/Model: Use Post Six products in your next creative project and or photo shoot.
  • Influencer: Promote Post Six products on your social profile and or channel.

To get started, take a look at the collaboration requirements for each type and then fill out the form below. A Post Six team member will contact you if you meet the requirements. We know that sounds judgmental, but we are looking for people who have passion and professionalism in their work. To get a good idea of what we're looking for, see the previous collabs blog articles.

Please note that all fields marked with an " * " are required. Applications with empty required fields will be rejected. A website can be your Instagram, Deviantart, Myspace or any other website that showcases your work. Serious applications only, please use the contact page for all other inquiries.

Collab Application

Important: This is contract based and you will be required to sign an agreement before any work is discussed.