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Our Story

Post Six began when two students from Centennial college in Toronto sold a few custom screen printed t-shirts to their classmates. They found out the hard way that making a perfect t-shirt isn't an easy process.

The "company" if you could call it that at the time, was no more than two guys and some screen printing supplies. After graduating and trying out adulting for a few years they came back to the idea of selling custom t-shirts. The name "Post Six" was chosen because it sounded nice, seriously.

Both of them knew they'd need help along the way so the Post Six Collab was created. Through this program, local artists and other creative types who have a passion for design get the opportunity to work with Post Six. In return, these artists get some recognition and notoriety for their designs. They are also paid for their work and we make sure to list their names all over the place when we get the chance!

Post Six is, at its core, all about putting great designs on a great t-shirts and we're always trying to find better ways of doing both. And that's basically the Post Six story. If you would like to get in touch about other opportunities (not jobs... yet, sorry) feel free to contact us.